Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's been a while...

....But I'm back. Kinda got off course for a while. Seems like Super Bowl, Valentine's Day and PMS all kinda worked together to just totally through me off track. But as of today, I'm back with it. I never really went off the diet, I just didn't keep up with calories, didn't excercise, didn't drink water and splurged a bit too much from time to time. So I didn't totally give up, I just didn't do so well.

Today was our second weigh in day for our school's "Biggest Loser." I'm down 0.4 pounds. Not anywhere near what it should be, but given the circumstances, I'm just overjoyed that I didn't gain. I would have been happy just maintaining, but the fact that I lost.....I'm really happy!

So today I start counting calories again.

Lunch: Wendy's Taco Salad (440 cals)
Regular Ranch (100 cals)
2 sour creams (90 cals)

Actually, I didn't eat all that. I left about a third of the salad. I've noticed that I'm filling up quicker now than I used to. :-)

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